The Five Elements in Nine Star Ki

In my introduction of 9 Star Ki I included a calculator. If you played with the calculator you may have noticed that each of your numbers correlates with an element in nature.

Water (1); Wood (3,4); Fire (9); Earth (2,5,8); and Metal (6,7)

The image above illustrates how the elements work together and effect one another. When we understand the elements and how they support and control one another we begin to see how we can make small shifts in our energy to achieve balance.

For instance if I start feeling a depletion of my 'earth energy' (meaning I'm feeling over spent and I've been giving, giving, giving); I pull energy from 'fire' which if you look at the illustration above you'll see that fire nourishes earth. How do I pull energy from fire? I do something fiery like put on a red shirt and go out with my best friend to eat spicy foods and have a lovely drink. Do something fun and adventurous. 

On the other hand if I'm stuck and have too much earth energy (I can usually tell because I start to worry or feel resentful) then I push my earth energy forward in the cycle to metal. Metal, to me, is clean, shiny and organized. So I do something useful or do something to perfect my surroundings (even if that means cleaning one corner of my room) I then start to relax, unwind and put things into perspective. Another approach to too much earth energy might be to draw on the 'controlling element' which, for earth, is wood. Wood energy to me is active and forceful. Do something, go for a walk or a hike outdoors. Go to the gym (if you're so inclined) I would rather mow my lawn or clean my house. The key is to pull from the element you need to in order to maintain or regain balance.

Each element has certain qualities and challenges. We are complicated beings and though we have elements that are more prevalent in our personalities and nature we our a combination of all the elements. I think of it all in terms of balance. As an example I am a 5.5.5, or a triple earth; earth individuals are grounded and nurturing. Earth enjoys taking care of people; and depending on the individual and the yin/yang of their qualities the scope of their nurturing can become the world or it may be focused on their family and their close loved ones.

Balance is the essence of yin/yang. There is a light side and a dark side interconnected and combined for balance. Our character is made up of light and dark energies; combined to achieve balance. I find it a challenge to maintain and achieve that balance, but when those energies are balanced; life seems to flow.

We sometimes fall into the habit of considering 'light and dark' the same as 'good and bad' or 'positive and negative'. I consider the light and dark as both equally positive and negative. Oftentimes the same quality of nature can be our greatest strength as well as our greatest weakness.

Consider day and night; both essential, both equal in beauty, both life giving. I can think of things I love about both like the movement and brightness of the day and the stillness and darkness of the night. I can also think of things I'm not so crazy about for both like the movement and the brightness of the day and the stillness and the darkness of the night. The energies stayed the same yet I am in tune or not; depending on where I am and how I feel in the moment. Depending on if there is a balance of energies both with me and around me.

Another way to understand it might be to consider the people in your life. I have people in my life who would do anything for anyone. Can this trait be both good and bad? It's about balance. I keep coming back to center to balance, this is what I consider the way to happiness.

I hope to write more on the subject of the five elements. It quickly becomes easy to identify the traits of each element. We can use this understanding to help ourselves stay in balance. We can also use this knowledge to see the interactions between individuals and group dynamics. 

I have learned to approach others according to what element they express themselves in. I have found the 5 elements to be the most comprehensive and easiest way to understanding and dealing with myself and others.


  1. I appear to be all earth as well, so your thoughts on what to do when you feel off balance will likely help me too. Thank you. I will try to remember that on those days when I am feeling off and don't know what to do about it.

  2. See, I knew we were connected somehow. :o)