Inspiration in Chicago

I recently visited Chicago, what an amazing city. Even though the city did inspire me and I was impressed with it's magnificence; what truly inspired me was meeting up with a friend from my childhood. Teresa and I have known each other since kindergarten; it's been over 30 years since we've seen each other.

I don't feel at liberty to write about Teresa's life, that's her story to tell, suffice it to say Teresa has beat the odds and has done amazing things in her life. Listening to her and being with her was such a joy. She is happy and confident and gives you the impression that all things are possible.
Teresa has this great job taking her all over the world. She loves what she does and I get the impression she is very good at what she does. I thought, wow she's arrived; then she tells me she has a five year plan, this five year plan takes her to an entirely new adventure. She's not stopping, she's going to continue to move forward and accomplish new things. This was my moment of inspiration; I am going to make a five year plan too. Why should I settle for something I'm only somewhat satisfied with when there are so many opportunities in front of me. Not that I'm unhappy with my own accomplishments; I have no regrets. I've done a lot of things, and I'm very proud of myself. However, I have found myself thinking, "what if I had..." or "if I could do it over again, I would...".