Using Cognitive Dissonance to Trigger Reality Change

I realized, that in my previous post, I went on and on about cognitive dissonance without making the point I started out to make. (That never happens to me)

I'll see if I can put my thoughts, which seem profound in my head, on paper and have them make any kind of sense. I've been thinking about universal laws; as defined by the 'new thought movement'. More specifically the 'Law of Attraction' and how the way we deal with cognitive dissonance helps explain the law of attraction.

Let's accept, for sake of this discussion, the idea that our reality is a result of our thoughts. Also meaning that two people can be having the same experience but each person's reality is different. One person's reality might be that they think of themselves as a victim (so their reality turns out quite dismal) and the other person's reality may be that they think of themselves as living a charmed life (so everything always turns out roses). Then because of these two opposite 'subjective realities' of victim vs charmed life; a physical reality begins to shape and both realities exist side by side; having been born from the same exact experience.

I know I'm simplifying and I know there are many hard questions not answered by this simplistic point of view. I'm not attempting to answer all questions in one writing. I'm just not that good. What I am attempting to do is answer how cognitive dissonance; more specifically how we choose to deal with cognitive dissonance, and the law of attraction are intertwined.