The End of the World

I was having a conversation with Mom during her visit. She mentioned that one thing that keeps her hanging on to her faith is the predictions of the state of the world are so precise. My question for her, if she could hear me better, would be why do Christians, and other religious groups, know so much about the "end of times", yet the loudest and most conservative of these groups reject scientific facts laid out about global warming and they close their eyes to torture and war. How can some of the same groups promote and support the very wars in the revelations and scriptures they live and die by? They are creating the very end they are predicting. If they 'know' the end is coming, why do they choose to ignore it. Some of these groups seem to be against individuals and others trying to change or reverse these things they see happening.

I don't want to get caught up in the debate about the existence of global warming. In my estimation whether global warming is real or not isn't the issue. We should all strive to be better stewards of our world regardless of our stand on global warming. There is no motivation besides big money and big oil to not produce more fuel efficient cars, and regulate the industries polluting the planet. Politicians who share an interest in oil, pharmaceuticals, war industry and insurance companies are motivated only by the money and the power they receive from these moguls. They are not interested in the people's best interest or the conservation of the planet. They villainize anyone who stands for the environment or people in need of health care or food and shelter.

I know there are arguments within each of these broad issues. And I know there are no easy answers to war or saving the planet or providing health care to everyone. However, I see so little honest debate on how to make these things work. Instead what I see is lots of money and power being used to stir people up into a frenzy getting masses to lobby and march and yell against the very things, they need the most. These high powered individuals must just sit and laugh as they watch the news. They have so many of us on strings, like puppets, doing a dance begging for less health care and more deadly toxins. It's like doublespeak in the book "1984" where less is more, war is peace and torture and punishment falls under the jurisdiction of the "Ministry of Love".

After eight years of Bush/Cheney the country has taken several giant steps toward total government control. The former administration says they are for small government yet they managed to become the most controlling and powerful government in our history. They can afford to give up government control because they know this gives industry more control. And since they all have big interests in oil, pharmecueticals, health insurance etc... this still gives them the power. Some groups and individuals scream for less government, smaller government when it comes to regulating things benefitting the people. Yet they stand up and dance and yell when 'Big Brother' tells them too. They are being controlled by a big scary government and they don't see it. Of course the big scary government is controlled by the money and power of big industry. Is that the definition of Capitalism? Total control by big industry with no government regulation. It's doublespeak for sure; more government mind control equals smaller government.

There are several grim, end of the world predictions out there, by all kinds of groups Christian, Muslim, Paegan and others. I am not trying to push a belief or a non-belief in the end of the world. I'm about living each moment in a responsible, loving way knowing that whatever happens doesn't matter because I'm a good person and I live a good life. I do my best to love my family, friends, strangers and the planet. I am a citizen of the world, I care about everyone in my life. I definately have my opinions when it comes to politics and religion; but I respect the opinions of those who disagree with me as long as they are respectful of me.

So here's to the end of the world... whatever that is, if it is, or if it is all bunk who gives a damn. Just live your life well and love others.

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