The Danger of the Single Story

Good talk on TED

Stories matter, many stories.

Tell your story. Tell stories that rebuild and repair. There is never a single story about any place.


  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing jilly. Great insights into preconceived notions and stereotypes.

  2. I couldn't get the video to work. Would you mind posting the link. I am curious to see what you and anonymous found to be important.

    (I've tried three times now, and am hoping maybe a direct link would get me to it.)

    Thanks as always! Julia

  3. Try this link Julia:

    or you can go to and type 'single story' into the search field

  4. The link worked perfectly! What an important idea, and what a wonderful, elegant way to share it!

    I run into people all the time, who know a piece of information about me and assume they know *exactly who I am.* I haven't known what to call those social interactions, (other than to try and convince the person that they might be jumping to incorrect conclusions) so this is very valuable to me.

    I hope that especially in the Mormon and former Mormon communities can get away from the One Story that we sometimes cling to, when we talk about the group that we don't belong to. I love your blog, as a place that generally looks at the actions of people that are problematic, but not assuming those actions belong to *every* Mormon. I also love that you share in ways that remind us that you are not a One Story woman. :-)