Happy Birthday Paul-October 5, 1986

October 5th is Paul's birthday, so I thought I would embarrass him by posting this paragraph out of my journals:
It was Sunday, October 5th, 1986; screams were heard coming from the Arlington Virginia hospital where a small child was being dragged, tugged and prodded into the world. Paul weighed 6lbs 21oz and was 21 inches long; he was healthy and strong and ten days overdue. Born in a huge metropolitan hospital, a midst several dark skinned babies with full heads of black hair, he
stood out as the only yellow, bald baby in the entire nursery. He was the cutest of them all even with the good sized dent in the side of his head from where the doctor tried to force him out with forceps. Someday, I’ll fill him in on all the pain I endured bringing him into the world. For now, it will suffice, that he knows he owes me his love and affection forever and ever!

Happy Birthday Paul!!! 23 years old, and I still have your 3rd grade soccer picture on the refrigerator,
time flies!

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