The Gay Marriage Battle

I have been absorbed by the blog world. In particular the Ex-Mormon blog world. One of the blogs I have come to enjoy is Irresistible (Dis)Grace. I have found the author, Andrew, to be intelligent, respectful and eloquent. I agree with so much of what he writes and I enjoy his command for words; words that hold power and respect in balance. He has a protagonist named Seth who writes in opposition of whatever Andrew says. I don't ever agree with Seth but he is also respectful and intelligent.

Recently Andrew wrote about 'Gay Marriage'. I have some interest in this subject because I am gay and I have been in a committed relationship since 1997. I also know a thing or two about Mormonism and where many of the Mormon community are coming from. The string of comments on this post was interesting and it prompted me to write a comment as well.

Another blogger I enjoy is 'A Post-Mormon Life'. Post Mormon Girl has also recently posted about Gay Marriage. Thanks PMG :O).

I wish this battle would end (and by end I mean gays achieve the right to marry at a federal level and this arduous process of each state duking it out ceases). I look forward to the day, and I believe this day will come, when sexual orientation isn't an issue and there is no question of equality.

Below is the comment I wrote on Andrew's post: