Elements and Personal Qualities

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  • The "water" personality is cool, persistent, flexible and unpredictable.

    The water personality can be charming, persuasive, persistent and articulate; remaining flexible and diplomatic and preferring to investigate things oneself with a penetrating and critical eye. Water thinks intuitively and uses that gift to become a natural healer capitalizing on resources and intelligence. Water is clever, introspective and self-sufficient. Depending on the body of water one emulates a water person may be like a deep lake preferring to keep feelings hidden, pulled down deep into the murky waters where at any moment those feelings could be brought back up to do a tremendous damage. If a water person is more like a shallow river or stream they may seem quite bubbly; sharing their feelings quite readily. One water person might seem deep and rather mysterious while another seems light and bubbly. Water can be unpredictable, moody and dependent or emotionally inaccessible, undemonstrative, isolated and lonely. Water could appear tactless, unforgiving and suspicious, in an effort to hide his vulnerability from others.  Water is chill and laid back enjoys stretching out in a horizontal position to rest, watch TV or read a book. Water can be easy going but doesn't like to be told when or how to do things.


  • The "wood" personality lives life under pressure and is always moving.

    The wood personality seeks a challenge and pushes life to the limits; enjoying and thriving under pressure. Wood admires novelty and pursues a variety of interests and lifestyle choices. Action, speed, movement, adventure and games of skill are of interest to wood. Wood always wants to be first and the best; often starting and not finishing things because the sense of novelty has worn off. Wood is best when assigned short term projects with a beginning and an end. Wood can appear passive, inconsistent, inefficient, dependent, intolerant and impatient exhibiting volatile emotions and extremist tendencies. Give the wood person 'To Do List' and watch them go to town. When that energy gets built up and pushed in the wrong direction anger is the emotion that will come out under stress. The good news is that the anger comes in a furry but will be over with and done as quickly as it came.


    • The "fire" personality is hot, passionate and full of life.

      The fire personality is a natural-born leader; a self-starter, decisive, intelligent, warm, confident, adventurous and innovative. Fire enjoys excitement, intimacy, sensation and passion. Fire, like water, thinks intuitively and has great empathy for others. Fire energy stands out in any crowd and draws people to them. On the shadow side fire is dominant and forceful and may appear insensitive and lacking in compassion. A fire person uses their brain to gain attention and out-think others. Fire can be highly emotional, dramatic and impulsive. Under pressure and when there is too much fire energy one could be plagued with anxiety, agitation, frenzy, bizarre perceptions, nervous exhaustion and insomnia.


      • The "earth" personality is rational, balanced and reliable.

        The earth personality is grounded, rational, methodical, disciplined and logical. Earth exhibits good deductive reasoning and strives to be objective, accommodating, organized and responsible. An earth person leans toward financially prudent and conservative decisions and prefers to trust what is reliable and familiar. Earth is goal-oriented and productive, often preferring to stay out of the limelight. This doesn't mean earth isn't in the middle of everything. Earth thrives to be integral in things, not necessarily the center of attention but integral. Earth wants to be all things to all people and prefers the balance harmony and togetherness can create. Earth insists upon loyalty, security and predictability from others. Earth can become stuck in a rut because fearing the unknown and distrusting imagination and intuition. Earth worries obsessively and can be plagued with self-doubt. Earth out of balance comes across as meddling and overprotective with unrealistic expectations. Earth, more than anything else, wants to be appreciated and can become resentful with a victim like mentality when feeling unappreciated or taken advantage of. To make an earth person feel better simply give them the appreciation and gratitude they undoubtedly deserve. This appreciation is best expressed in kind words, long notes and gifts not in awards and limelight appreciation ceremonies.


  • The "metal" personality is strong, structured, and disciplined.

    The metal personality is ambitious, hard-driving, confident, self-reliant and a determined leader. Metal is strong and energetic and prefers structure and discipline. Metal respects virtue, discretion and authority seeking to live according to reason and principle. Metal, more than other elements, holds themselves and others to the highest standards. On the shadow side, metal can be unreasonable, inflexible, impulsive, aggressive and thirsty for power. Metal could appear indifferent to the needs and wants of others, autocratic and strict. A metal individual is a perfectionist and can be highly sensitive to energy. Metal possesses a great deal of empathy for others and can often be an em-path.  A metal walks into a room and can feel that there has just been an argument  A metal person is the one who notices that the picture is hung crooked and it will drive them nuts until they straighten it.

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