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I have learned about 9 Star Ki from a talented teacher and mentor Jean Haner. Jean teaches workshops and has authored books on the subject. Her latest book is ‘Your Hidden Symmetry’. You can learn so much from what Jean offers on her website and in her free newsletter.

As I tend to do; I take what I learn through workshops, research and my own life’s experience sprinkle it with inner knowing and come up with my own way of applying this wisdom to my life.

Understanding who we are through 9 Star Ki can help us create balance and health in our lives. For me it’s about energy and balance. Think in terms of the light side and the shadow side of the mountain or the brightest day and the blackest night. Think less in terms of good and bad or positive and negative it’s more about balance and differences; the Yin and Yang. Our challenges and our emotions are all a perfect expression of our health both physical and mental; a compass guiding us to center and well-being.

9 Star Ki gives us a map and a guidebook to who we are, who others are and how we interact. When we are in balance things flow easily and when out of balance we will find ourselves stuck.

Ki, or energy, exists in both time and space. It moves, it is inner connected and just like day moves to night and spring moves to summer; there is a cycle and a pattern. Consider for a moment the planet, the seasons, and the day. On one side of the planet it is summer while on the opposite side of the planet it is winter. In the summer the day is long and in the winter the night is long. The energy of the day shifts as we move from morning to night. When I consider all of these things I think of balance and order. The force behind it all is energy.

The stars and planets are part of this energy as is the tiniest seed in my backyard. I love to look up into the night sky and see the big dipper; I’ve watched it throughout the year making its way from one side of the sky to the other as the seasons change the Big Dipper unceasingly and reliably follows the same pattern year after year. 

The beautiful cherry tree in my backyard also has a reliable and balanced pattern. In the winter its naked; it’s branches reaching into the grey sky, in spring it bursts with beautiful pink blossoms that are gorgeous against the blue sky, in the summer the leaves create a canopy sheltering me from the hot sun and in the fall it’s leaves turn brown and fall to the ground feeding and protecting the soil beneath it. 

I can experience both the Big Dipper and the cherry tree from the deck in my own backyard. It doesn’t matter that one is far and the other is right before me. I enjoy the cycles of both, I am impacted by the beauty of both.

Energy, like the Big Dipper and the cherry tree, is both near and far from us. Energy is reliable and beneficial within those cycles. Like the tree in my backyard the seasons affect it yet the way the tree exists within the seasons has a purpose and an effect on the world around it.

The energy, both near and far, influences each of us. The theory of 9 Star Ki determines that everything moves in cycles of 9. The universe is moving in its cycle of nine (like the Big Dipper) and you are moving within your own cycle of nines (like the cherry tree). Where you are in this cycle is determined by the principal number of your 9 Star Ki. Your principal number is determined by your birthdate.

Your 9 Star Ki is made up of three numbers the first, as we have discussed, is your principal number and it gives us insight into how you ‘do’ in the world. The second number is your character number. The influence of your character number is who we are in the world. To explain it further; the second number is your emotional self, it’s often explained that this is your ‘child’ self. This is the energy you go to under stress.

When you are stressed what emotion do you typically feel? Anger, fear, anxiety, worry; do you want, more than anything, for things to be fair. These emotions are a result of the second number’s influence.

The third number is your energetic number. This is the energy most apparent to people when they first meet you. It is the ‘suit’ you put on to accomplish your life’s destiny and your life’s challenges.

Each number in the 9 Star Ki gives us insight into how we 'do' in the world, who we are in the world and how others see us in the world. The combination of the three numbers tells us many things about our nature and gives us information about our abilities and possible short comings.

When we are in balance we work the qualities of our elements towards the greater good. When we are out of balance we can become angry, anxious, nervous, fearful or stuck. We can be aware of our challenges and our patterns making simple shifts to keep things flowing.

I have put together an excel file that will calculate your 9 Star Ki and will give you a little information about your combination and each of your individual numbers. I have used Jon Sandifer's book to share some of the characteristics of each number.

Calculate Your 9 Star Ki

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