What is Your Passion

In a staff retreat last week we were asked what recent event, book or movie had inspired us. I thought of Eunice Kennedy Shriver's recent passing. She spent her life, from a very early age, helping people with special needs, and started the Special Olympics. She had a passion, when you have a name like Kennedy and the money that goes along with that name you can do something huge in this life. Money and name aside, I believe she was committed to this cause because of her own compassion for people with special needs. Anyway, what it caused me to think about was my own life and what would people say about me when I die. I don't think it's likely they'll be covering it on national TV, but what will people in my life remember me for. I go about my days trying to be a good person, a good mom, a good partner, a good daughter, a good friend, a good employee and I think for the most part I do a good job at this. But one of my frustrations, all my life, is that I've never had a passion, a cause or a hobby that I care deeply about. So the inspiration came to me that day, I am going to figure out something bigger than me, bigger than my family, bigger than my immediate world that I can be passionate about.

So, I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that I have no idea what that passion is. Do some people have passions and others don't? Is it a personality thing? Is it because I've been busy figuring out life and striving for my own peace and contentment? Is it wrong to not have a passion for anything? This has been a question for me all my life. So here I am, again passionless, hobby less and boring. I guess I'll just think about it some more.

Just thoughts with my coffee this morning.


  1. I've been thinking about the same thing a lot lately too!! It must be heriditary because I'm also stumped. LOVE YOU

  2. i just perused an article that said according to a survey, which he failed to reference, about 75% of the population (which population? again, dont know.. ) dont know what their true passion is. That doesn't really surprise me. I don't think there's a large percentage of people out there in careers that they are wildly passionate about. Nor do I think there are a ton of people who have their own passionate hobbies, or even the desire to find them. Who knows, I could be wrong.... I know I feel like I'm part of the true majority, the majority that has not yet found their PASSIONATE hobby or whatever.

    i feel passionate about a lot of stuff though.. and it's obvious you do too. I guess my passion is just currently spread out over a lot of things and not concentrated on anything in particular. I havent harnessed all the passion and directed it into one thing!
    There are causes we support, project we work on, interests we study and read. We can be passionate people with concentrating all that passion on one particular thing that we then label "My Passionate Hobby". Maybe thats even better!... Let's spread the passion out, jill. No need to go spending it all in one place - at least no rush

    oh, and also, i think someone could probably turn something into a "passion" by changing the way they approach it or think about it... not just a career, but anything. You (not necessarily you, but in general) could turn a chore like cooking dinner every night into a culinary adventure.. a new passion. Keeping the yard maintained? .... get into gardening.. go crazy... change it from a weekly chore to a passion. You know?

    check out this link, it reminded me of it.. (http://www.bspcn.com/2007/10/25/17-ways-to-find-your-passion-for-any-and-everything/)

    i like how this blog is starting as well (jamie)

  3. Good thoughts Nate; I agree, I think you can be a passionate person without a particular passion. I think what makes me wonder about it, is maybe the way I was raised and the way you and Katie were raised as well. In the Mormon church, and I imagine other religions as well, we are always being told to set goals, make a difference in this world, you are the chosen generation (yes they told that to my generation too). So naturally we are always trying to figure out why we were sent here at this particular time and this particular place. Even now when I'm not a believer of any particular religion or philosophy I still try to figure it out. I think I've learned to live in the present and be happy and content, I feel so lucky to have the life I have. But, now and again I begin wondering...