Mom is 87 and Getting Younger Every Day

Tribute to Mom on her 87th birthday:
Cleone Stark Linford born September 24, 1922 in South Weber Utah. She has three children, nine grandchildren, ten great grandchildren and one great great grandchild on the way.

Mom is 87 and healthy in mind, spirit and body. She lives on her own in her home, a home she has lived in for 56 years. Mom has a lot of wisdom, she didn't go to college, or delve into a lot of things on an intellectual level, however, she approaches everything in life with common sense, compassion and wisdom.

I've learned so much from my mom; she teaches me to work hard, think of others, don't get into debt. She helps me appreciate my health and enjoy simple things like a Utah Jazz basketball game or a Denver Broncos football game, putting together a puzzle, lighting a candle and relaxing while rubbing my feet with lotion.

Mom has learned to overlook the things she doesn't agree with or understand. She's chosen to love her children and grandchildren regardless of if she agrees with our life choices. And, believe me, she doesn't always agree with my life choices. So she may make a judgment, but then she chooses love over disapproval every time.

Adjectives I would use to describe Mom: strong, healthy, independent, wise, kind and loving. I feel like I have inherited good genes from my mom. She has passed on a sense of health, strength and well being to me. I've picked up a few not so great things as well, poor hearing, white hair and a love of potato chips, butter and french fries.

I Love You MOM

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