Heading off to College in 1977

AMC Gremlin (Groovy)

Prices in 1977
(the year I headed off to college in my AMC gremlin, named Barney)

• Cost of a new home-$54,200.00

• Median Household Income-$13,572.00
• Cost of a first-class stamp-$0.13

• Cost of a gallon of regular gas-$0.62

• Cost of a dozen eggs-$0.82

• Cost of a gallon of Milk-$1.68


  1. God I envy you had college in such days. but at the same time I'm content with the things we enjoy now too except for the high cost of everything,

  2. 1977-
    no personal computers
    no computers to write papers
    no cell phones
    no i-pods

    instead we had:
    type writers
    land lines-25 cents a minute for long distance
    boom boxes