Personality Types Defined--Helen Fisher

  • Looking for adventure and change. That adventure is likely risky or thrilling but can also be more intellectual or cultural like taking classes or attending plays and symphonies.
  • An explorer is likely to be well liked and charming. Someone who has a lot of friends.
  • An explorer is less likely to be tied down by commitment. They work so they can play, they enjoy going out and being with people.
  • An explorer can be a good person to have on your team if you need new ideas and the fire of creativity and excitement.
  • When it comes to rules an explorer is likely to say "this doesn't really apply to me." or "oh yeah right…"
  • Looking for stability and are very responsible individuals. They are willing to settle down and take care of business.
  • A builder is someone who will put work or religious responsibility first; sometimes before family and friends.
  • A builder is often times involved with a religious or political group. Someone who is a change maker.
  • As a leader a builder will get things done with no nonsense. It is important to get things done correctly and with honesty.
  • Builders have a commitment to moral standards. And for a builder morals can be very black and white.
  • When it comes to rules a builder will follow it because he/she knows there is a good reason for the rule or it wouldn't be there.
  • Logical and analytical minded people who can make sense out of any situation in short order.
  • Directors are decisive and make up their minds quickly based on facts and logic.
  • Directors are straight-line thinkers and can cut through the 'nonsense' quickly.
  • Directors have a commitment to things that make good common sense and to things they can understand in their logical minds.
  • When it comes to rules a director will want to understand why the rule is put in place and will follow the rule if it makes sense and works for them.
  • Web thinkers they explore ideas and love to engage in discussion or contemplation.
  • A Negotiator will take a long time to make a decision and prefers to have time to think about a situation and doesn't enjoy pressure to decide
  • Negotiators think outside the box constantly. They are multi-taskers and have a difficult time compartmentalizing.
  • A Negotiator is a good person to have on a team because they see the big picture, they can see the consequences and they make plotted decisions that have been thought out.
  • Negotiators are committed to finding the best situation in every area of their life.
  • When it comes to rules a negotiator wants to know the 'higher' reason. And they will commit to the principal but not the rules. Rules only apply if they work for the greater good.