Jacob has Graduated!!!

Last night my baby graduated!! Now this is a very monumental occasion. Why? Several reasons:

1) Soon we will no longer need to feed him.
2) Once he's off to college it won't be quite so obvious to us that he's playing WOW way too much.

3) We can fumigate the basement.

4) We can turn the basement into some amazing adult game room with a flat screen tv, a full bar, and a pool table. (we probably won't, but we could).

5) We no longer have to remind ourselves that we are still parenting this young man who lives in the basement.

Of course there are some things I will miss. I do get a bit emotional thinking of all the things that are coming to an end:

1) Tripping over his back pack in the living room where it doesn't belong.
2) Hearing him play the drums in the basement.
3) The sound of the bass from the computer resonating through the house as he battles evil on the computer.

4) his smiling face and his laugh.

5) The smell of kung pao chicken, pot stickers and Totinos pizza.

6) The Noyes boys.

There are also things on the "list of things to teach your child before they leave home", that I forgot to teach him:
1) How to iron his own shirt

2) How to sew on a button
3) How to wash greasy pans with HOT water and soap

4) How to turn OFF the computer

There are so many things Jacob does well that I'm so proud of:

1) How to think of others

2) How to respect himself and all those around him

3) He's sooooooo smart

4) Jacob is honest and true to himself.
5) He doesn't need to be like anyone else

6) He knows who he is and is very confident.

I'm excited to see what inspires Jacob, and what he'll do and be when he grows up. Because whatever he decides to do, he's going to do it well. So here's to Jacob the last to leave the nest, go forth and conquer, my son. It's up to you, Jacob, to make millions of dollars so you can buy us nice things. :o)

I am excited for you to go into the next chapter of your life; it has been an honor and a pleasure raising you, teaching you and loving you. You have become a wonderful, kind and loving young man. I know you will be successful in whatever you decide to do. I love you with all my heart and I will try very hard to remember that we still need to buy food for you over the next few months.

Hugs and Kisses, (and a few tears)


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  1. Oh Jilly...I did get a bit weepy reading this. I agree with you, Jacob has become a great young man! Kudos to all his parents, siblings, and teachers. XOXO