The Man in the Sky

We watched an good movie last night titled "The Invention of Lying". It had a lot of interesting subtexts to be inspired by and to laugh at. Ricky Gervais did a good job portraying a world where no one was capable of lying until one man figured out how he could take advantage of everyone by saying whatever he wanted to in order to create his new fortune and fame.

"The Man in the Sky" being one of my favorite lies in the movie. While I'm sure this will ruffle the feathers of some, I found it to be quite funny and refreshing. It was about the invention of God for our own benefit; created to comfort us and to justify our lies and our lives.

I don't know if there is a God, I lean towards not believing in God. I don't understand how people can believe in God and Satan or in heaven and hell. But just because I don't understand it doesn't make it true or not true. As far as the topic of God is concerned I have decided the truth is irrelevant. That being said, I find the topic of God(s) and religion quite interesting. I could make a career out of studying why people believe what they believe and the path bringing them to their belief. I love the anthropology behind religious belief. I just wish religion and the extreme practice of religion didn't cause such division, judgment, heartache and destruction in the world.

Regardless of whether you believe in God or not, I recommend this movie. It is funny and entertaining, and it, undeniably, tells the truth about Coca Cola...

Have fun and be good.

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