WTF Supreme Court?!?!

Wow, I haven't posted since October. It's not that I haven't been drinking carafes full of coffee or having tons of inspirations. I just didn't feel the need to share, I guess. However, the recent ruling of the Supreme Court has re-energized my anger and frustration.

I'm frustrated on so many levels at the Supreme Court ruling to give corporations and unions the right to give as freely as they like in federal elections. This further corrupts an already corrupt political system flooded with special interest money.

Saying that corporations and unions need protection for their 1st amendment rights is ludicrous. They are NOT people. Here's a thought each corporation or union that wants to claim their rights to freedom of speech should be willing to have an individual who is responsible for the words being spoken. That person would will also be the one responsible for the corporation when they murder someone or dump waste in our water. In other words, the pharmaceutical company that wants to blast the airways with ads for or against health care, or any other issue or politician, can do so; but when one of their drugs is found to be responsible for the death of someone that person goes in front of jury and is brought to justice; just like you or I would be if we killed someone. That person, if the corporation is found guilty, would go to jail. Not just required to pay a fine as in so many cases that involve pharmaceutical companies that knowingly push harmful drugs.

We, as a people, need to educate ourselves on all issues and candidates. The low information voter who bases their decision on TV ads or radio ads needs to arm themselves with information and knowledge. Visit websites like, find reliable sources dealing with fact not opinion. Form your own ideas independent of public or party opinion. This is hard work, few people do it. I, myself, am guilty of going straight to the endorsement page to see who is for or against a measure or a particular politician. The way that bills and measures are written make it difficult for the lay person to understand them, therefore, opinion happens. Talk to people and read information; listen to the opinion of groups and individuals you trust and base your own conclusions on what you learn from them. Don't limit yourself to the people who agree with you.

It would be very helpful to me if all politicians, like Nascar drivers, would wear patches of their sponsors; they should visibly wear some symbol of their top ten contributors. If a politician is owned by big oil or banking or the Teamsters, they should have a hat or a patch letting us know who owns them. Who is really voting on the floor of the senate or the house legislating my life.

I've always felt that the real civil war in this country is going to end up being a "class war". This becomes more and more evident every year, big money against "we the people". What good is my $100 political contribution going to do against the treasury of a Fortune 500 company. I guess I'll hang on to my money and buy groceries.


  1. Amen, Jill! I agree 100%. You need to send this to Obama and our Senators and Representatives and Oprah. ;) I think everyone needs to read this and fully understand what it means. Unfortunately, I think this issue is getting lost in the coverage of the Haiti disaster. Not that Haiti doesn't deserve our attention, but I don't think it's any accident that the supreme court ruled at this time. You say what I can't put into words. And you do it so well! Thanks.

  2. yeah totally, the supreme court is f***ed up with this issue. ugh. the system is f***ed up too so thats why there is so little progress. ugh.

  3. Ever since Sandra Day-O'Connor left, things have kinda gone to the crapper. Well stated Jill, and I think this should be posted as a comment on your page. You do a great job of looking at an issues and speaking clearly and concisely.