Random Thought

I was driving the other day, listening to the radio, when a public announcement came on reminding us all that children need to be in a booster seat until they are 4' 9", because adult seat belts are not safe for children. And I thought... What!! Katie would have been in a booster until high school, how funny would that have been.

Then I started wondering, why haven't car manufacturers built a seat belt that adjusts to different heights. Because, certainly if seat belts are dangerous for children under 4' 9" then it stands to reason they are unsafe for anyone who is under 4' 9". How hard can it be?!?

So that's what I was thinking.


  1. I thought they starting to make those adjustable seat belts? or maybe it can't adjust low enough. There must be a conspiracy between the auto industry and the booster seat makers. lol

  2. That's exactly what I thought Ting!